How to calm a tutor? Put a collar on her!

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She was the best English tutor in town, and I had to schedule a lesson with her by any means. I agreed to all of her terms, prepared the homework that she gave me over the phone, and came to her lesson. I was ready to improve my English skills, and maybe have a good fuck. Right from the start, she began to criticize my English, saying that a dumbass like me would probably misspell even the simplest words, like “dog”, for instance. She began to doubt that I have any intellectual abilities at all and I couldn’t stand that. - Listen to me, you’re going to put your dog’s collar on right now and take my cock into your dirty mouth! She was stunned for a brief moment, not really knowing what to do, but right after she obediently knelt down and began to suck my dick. It became clear that she didn’t have any sex for quite a while and that she also enjoyed our little roleplay.
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