How to make out with a tutor? Just spill tea on her!

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It was that day when I decided to start my own little blog. A literature tutor was about to come to my home. She was a very juicy lady, with beautiful long legs and a great ass. Her sensual lips – a remembrance of her former beauty, and obviously, very yearned for a rocking hard male penis! I set up several cameras in my room in advance to film this process, and kicked out my dumb brother who was hanging around and interfering with me. My plan was very simple, I kindly get my victim a cup of tea and accidentally spill it on her clothes, I solemnly apologize and leave the room to let her change peacefully, but meanwhile my cameras record shameful footage, with which I blackmail this old bitch. My plan worked like clockwork. I entered the room and said: “Either you suck my dick right now, or I’ll upload your bare ass to the Internet!” She could not believe that I was capable of such a thing, but she had no other choice...
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