Failed to get me ready for an exam? Gotta swallow my cream then

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It was a very bad day for me – I failed an exam after all the time spent studying. I was angry and I knew EXACTLY who to blame for this fiasco. In fact, I was already ringing her doorbell. - How is it possible, Elena Viktorovna? We studied history for so goddamn long, yet I didn’t know the answer to ANY of the questions, not even one? She just stood there, staring blankly, unable to come up with a passable excuse. I was rightfully upset, I just wanted to sucker-punch her. Luckily, I noticed an entire can of whipped cream standing on the countertop, which gave me a great idea. I grabbed the can, leaned in close to her face, and pressed the button. Within a few seconds, the woman’s entire face was covered with a white substance. I whipped out my dick and tried to ram it down her throat. - Such a shitty tutor doesn’t deserve a taste this sweet! Go ahead, suck my dick!
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