How my brother fucked a tutor, pretending to be dead!

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It was another attempt by my nasty brother to repeat my trick, deciding that he was the same superhero as I was, and that he too, could blackmail and trick mature tutors. Did he succeed, it's up to you to decide. So, the brother decided to fuck the tutor of English. This was a well-groomed and well-mannered lady, her red hair hinted at her mature sexuality, and an excellent juicy ass would not leave any real man indifferent. Brother's plan was very meager, worthy of himself. He decided that he would make fun of a sweet lady, and she, in turn, would throw all the anger on him, after which, simulating a heart attack, he would take advantage of a compassionate mature woman. Oddly enough, but his plan worked. As soon as he fell to the floor imitating pain, the tutor lost her vigilance and bent to help the dying liar, but immediately felt his hard cock in her juicy vagina...
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